Be An Independent Digital Fiction Author

For too many years, while typing my fingers off, I hoped to see my novels “discovered.”

Like Lana Turner — if she’d gone to Top Hat Cafe to sit at the counter and drink Coke from a straw every single afternoon in the hopes of turning the head of some Hollywood big shot and getting signed to a studio.

Except I also wrote hundreds of letters and e-mails to agents, and submitted my weight in manuscripts and samples.

Sometimes I actually got an agent this way.

The agents sent my work along to editors. Sometimes an editor got interested and there was exciting talk about maybe buying my book.

I also garnered some extravagant praise for my skills, my talent, my virtuosity or what not.

Once, I signed with a so-called A-list agent — a woman who routinely makes six figure publishing deals — who said she was  “in love” with my writing and was going to take my manuscript to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

I got close. So close I could almost taste it. But I never sold anything.

Last year I put some of my novels up on Amazon/Kindle. It’s true I’m not rich or famous yet.

But I’m making a little money — so far only in the hundreds, not thousands of dollars each month.

What’s even better, readers are reading my books and liking them.

I know that my novels will stand or fall on the basis of quality. It isn’t a matter of knowing the right people or having special connections.

I’m not an aspiring literary sensation anymore, or a would be star hoping to get discovered by the big shots.

I’m a working Independent Digital Fiction Author.  (Here is my Amazon Author’s page.)


5 thoughts on “Be An Independent Digital Fiction Author

  1. Here’ hoping you get big following. It’s certainly time to experiment with all your options, because we (writers) are seeking the best way to get our books noticed. I’ll be posting an article about that next week on my blog.

    1. I’ll look for it! Love your San Francisco photographs. When I lived there I used to walk around all day just looking at everything.

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